Bombers Baseball Club


Q. What is the purpose of Bombers Baseball?

A. Bombers Baseball was established to provide dedicated players in the region a vehicle and resources to enhance their opportunities to compete at the highest level. An additional goal is to provide the Bombers a national audience to showcase the high quality and skill level of our regions players and to show that we compete on par with the best in the country.

Q. What is the difference between "Bombers Baseball" and other select or travel team programs?

A. Bombers players participate on teams that will compete in a specific nationally recognized event offering the highest and best opportunity for scouting and recruiting exposure to college coaches and professional scouts.

Q. Why "Perfect Game" and "USA Baseball" events?

A. There are many "showcase" or "exposure" type events being promoted to high school age players. With the cost of playing "select" baseball already high enough parents need to be selective when considering where to best spend the extra time and money. Bombers Baseball has had extensive experience with USA Baseball and Perfect Game USA and has seen the benefits first hand.

Since 1978, USA Baseball has been the national governing body for the sport of baseball. It represents the sport in the United States as a member of the U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) and internationally as a member federation of the International Baseball Federation (IBAF). USA Baseball selects youth, collegiate and professional teams for international competition representing the United States of America.

Perfect Game USA is the largest and most complete amateur baseball scouting service in the world, hosting more than 100 showcases and tournaments each year. They host showcases all over the United States that feature many of the best young players in the country. Their showcases are the perfect platform to see how players stack up with the best players in the country. The WWBA and BCS tournaments are attended by many of the top travel teams in the country.

In the recent MLB amateur player draft 1,164 Perfect Game participants were selected, including 41 first round picks. The number of PG players now playing college baseball at the NCAA, NAIA and JC levels is much higher.

Q. How are players selected for Bombers Teams?

A. Players are invited to play on a specific team through a referral and tryout system. Players are referred by professional scouts and college and high school coaches. Selected players will receive a formal invitation and registration form via email.

Q. How is Bombers Beneficial to me?

A. Bombers Baseball offers players a quality environment to be seen by college coaches and Major League scouts. Coaches from nearly all of the 309 NCAA Division I programs regularly attend these selected events, along with coaches from Division II, Division III, NAIA and junior colleges. All 30 Major League teams also send scouts to these events, greatly enhancing each player's visibility. These events also give players an opportunity to gauge their skills against their peers and have a positive experience.

Q. How are team rosters assembled for Bombers Teams?

A. As prospective players are identified for a particular team the initial invitation list is prepared using the following criteria: The ideal roster includes 2 catchers - 3 corner infielders - 3 middle infielders - 4 outfielders and 4 pitchers only. 2 additional players will be selected as multi-position players. It is anticipated that several position players will also be pitchers in order to have at least 8 pitchers available.

Q. Why am I being invited to play at my grade level for Bombers Baseball?

A. We encourage you to play with and against the best competition possible on regular bases. It's one of the best ways to get better. There are two reasons you are being invited to play for Bombers Baseball at your grade level. The first is that national recruiters and scouts are evaluating and tracking players by graduating class. The second reason is the mission of Bombers Baseball to assemble the best players in our region by grade group to represent the region at elite National events.

Q. I was told I don't need to go to showcase events to be recruited - that if I'm good enough they will find me.

A. If you are a top professional or Division I prospect you will be noticed playing for your high school team. Our goal is to offer you the widest window of exposure possible regionally and nationally to increase your potential opportunities at the next level. Today's recruiters and scouts expect to see the top players at the top events. This is their best opportunity to evaluate and asses' player's skills against other prospects. In addition to MLB scouts and Division I coaches, there are hundreds of smaller colleges attending these events looking for players.

Q. I've already committed to a college. Why should I attend a National Event?

A. The best players want to be where the best players are. MLB scouts and college coaches appreciate a player's passion and pure joy for the game - players who thrive on the competition and strive to be the best.

Q. Is there a way to reduce the cost of the player fee and travel expenses?

A. Bombers Baseball will offer several opportunities for players and parents to participate in fund-raising programs to lower the player fee and help pay for travel expenses.

Q. I am too young for college recruiters and pro scouts. Why should I attend a national event?

A. Both USA Baseball and Perfect Game offer national events beginning at the 14U age classification. USA Baseball is considering a 12U National Team for next year to compete internationally. These events are also excellent opportunities for younger players to assess their abilities against national level competition, gain confidence and to become accustomed to the pressures of performing before professional evaluators.

Q. The event I have been invited to conflicts with my high school summer team schedule. What should I do?

A. Talk to your summer team coach first. Explain to him the benefits and how you feel about the opportunity. Respect your HS summer team program and honor your commitment. Bombers don't want to disrupt or conflict with a players HS summer team and schedule. Most of the top scouting and college recruiting events are held in the fall, however a few of the top national events are held during the summer season. These are once in a lifetime events and take up just a small portion of the summer schedule. For this reason we try to identify and invite players during the fall and winter months in order to give players and parents a chance to plan and discuss the opportunity with the HS summer coach. Bombers will make every effort to respect and cooperate with a player's summer team.

Q. I am playing HS football in the fall. Do other football players attend these events?

A. Unfortunately many of the top showcase events are held in the fall during football season. We have had players who have been able to attend with their football coaches blessing and others who have not. Players will have to make this decision based on their individual circumstances.

Q. Are players expected to travel and stay with the team or with parents?

A. We encourage players to travel and stay with parents, relatives or other trusted adult. It is difficult for coaches to focus on the event while coordinating hotel rooms and local transportation. Parents should discuss with us any exceptional circumstances that may require Bombers staff to chaperone or supervise a player.

Q. Does Team Bombers Baseball help with event travel arrangements?

A. Both USA Baseball and Perfect Game offer travel assistance with discounted rates on many hotels located near event venues. Bombers Baseball will coordinate with their services and establish a team hotel and travel schedule. We will communicate this information to parents so that they may take advantage of these services if desired and make travel plans. It is not a requirement to stay at a specific hotel and the housing assistance program has many choices available.

Q. What other services does Bombers Baseball provide?

A. Players should consider Bombers Baseball an additional resource for referral and reference to any interested college or scout. Players will have the use of a personal web page to present their academic and athletic profile for recruiting purposes. The Bombers web site offers helpful information for serious players - and parents of serious players striving to reach the "Next Level".

Q. What is the player cost for youth levels?

A. Bombers charge $50 per month per player. Includes the following. Practice (2) per week, eligible for player of the month award and All-Academic team. Teams will also receive baseballs etc. Guest instructors when available. Commitment per season with no refunds or opt out. Games & Tournaments are seperate and depended on events

Q. What is the player fee for the summer season?

A. Summer Season Fee that covers the cost of coaching, insurance, field rentals, equipment, etc.; and (4) Tournament Fee or League Fee to cover the cost of the games, tournament fee entry, coach's travel, etc. Summer Season Fee range from $1400 per season for pitchers only and $1200 per season for position players. Bombers provide the best player fee per season then other top programs in the region

Q. What is the player memebership cost ?

A. Bombers charges: (1) a yearly Player Registration Fee of $25 and $200 value of rafle tickets pre-paid. Memership covers organization insurance, web site and other misc. admin expenses.

Q. What if I cannot afford the fees?

A. Bombers Baseball will offer several opportunities for players and parents to participate in fund-raising programs to lower the player fee and help pay for travel expenses.

Q. What about uniforms?

A. Uniform New Balance Package cost $400. Includes (3) Pro Jerseys, Fitted Hat, Stirrups, Cleats,Trainers,Pants and Undershirt. All players must purchase their own pants Black belt and White sanitary.

Q. Can you play for other teams or play other sports at the same time?

A. You cannot play for Bombers Baseball and another club (travel team) at the same time unless given specific permission by the respective Bombers coach to play as a "guest" on another team at any age level.