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Mission Statement

The Southern California Bombers Baseball Club is committed to providing a positive environment for young men who aspire to higher education and or professional baseball within the framework of competition. 

The Southern California Bombers Baseball Club’s primary role is to provide player growth, development, and to be perceived as a “premier” high caliber, highly competitive baseball organization that competes at the highest level. 

The “Bombers” are committed to maintaining a foundation based on teamwork, goodwill, developing relations on the field and in the community, hard work, and ethics with the goal to develop the players in sports as well as life.

An additional concurrent goal will be to compete and showcase at the national level to both professional and collegiate baseball scouts. Our level of competition will provide for the player to obtain this goal, and to further develop the players that are competing at that level currently.

Prospective Player Profile Form

Interested In Becoming a part of the Bombers ?

We invite you to become part of one of the most storied and successful college development programs in the Southern California - the Bombers Baseball Club of Southern California. We have produced hundreds of college and professional baseball players. If you are a serious player looking for a team with an extensive track record for putting players into college and professional baseball then click the link below to register online for an upcoming workout.

Does Bombers just take the best players around?
No. Many players and families approach our club for the wrong reasons. They are looking for an easy way to succeed. We are looking for players who have the physical ability to play at a national level. We are looking for players that will be as committed to us, as we are to them

We have multiple teams and age groups a player can tryout for, from 7u, 8u, 9u, 10u, 11u, 12u, 13u, 14u, 15u, 16u, 17u, 18u. Feel free to fill out your information below, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Bombers Musial Team

Bombers currently have roster opportunities for Musial Collegiate team, age 18-22

All interested players, please contact John at (909) 268-4727

Welcome Colorado Rough Riders

5:30pm BombersH RoughRiders(A)
7:45pm BombersCastillo RoughRiders(B)
Saturday(Charter Oak High School)14s
10:00am Roughriders14(A) vs BombersCastillo
12:30pm BombersCastillo Roughriders14(A)
Saturday(Ontario High School)13s(jv)
9am Bombers vs Roughriders13
11:15am Roughriders13 vs West Coast
1:30pm West Coast vs Bombers
Saturday(Ontario High School)14s(varsity)
9am BombersH vs Roughriders14(B)
11:15am Roughriders14(B) vs BombersH
Saturday (Bonview 12U)
10am Roughriders vs hustle
12pm hustle vs Lynx
2pm Lynx vs Roughriders
Sunday (kimball 14u)
8am Roughriders14(B) vs BombersCastillo
10:15am OCP14 vs Roughriders14(B)
12:30pm OCP14 vs Roughriders14(A)
2:45pm BombersH vs Roughriders14(A)
Sunday (Bonview 13U)
8am Bombers13 vs Roughriders13
10:15am Roughriders13 vs OCP13
12:30pm OCP13 vs Bombers13
Sunday (Kimball 12U)
8am BombersNestor vs Roughriders12
10:15am Roughriders12 vs BombersNestor
Class of 2018 Committs

Jack Drury - CBU

Jamis Dekay - Yale

Chris Flores - CSUN

Christian Kirtley - UCSB

Tyler Vargas - Utah Valley

Brian Landon - CSUF

Dalton Ponce - St Marys

Yugi Sokane - Pepperdine

Romeo Carrilo - Utah Valley

Devon Graves - Sac State

AJ Barraza - Ca State San Bernardino

Aaron DeLaTorre- Souix Falls University

Dylan Fashempour-UMass Boston

Steven Castro - Ca State San Bernardino

Hunter Antillon - Ca State San Bernardino

Aydan Alger - Ca Poly Pomona

MLB Draft 2017 - Congratulations

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